Beauty hacks, from tattooed eyebrows to lip colour, eye liner, and concealer – moving on from microblading

It so long ago that the idea of tattooing one’s eyebrows semi-permanently – a procedure now commonly known as microblading – seemed quite unusual. Now, it’s a godsend for women and men freed from the prison of having to perfect their eyebrows daily before heading out.
But, as body tattoo enthusiasts know, the first prick of the needle often acts as a gateway drug. While most beauty salons offer few semi-permanent make-up options beyond eyebrows, would the freshly bladed be keen for more, were the choice available?

According to Rebecca Chung, the owner and founder of beauty salons Princessbrows and High Society Skin Clinic in Hong Kong, the answer is a resounding yes. Having trained in microblading a decade ago, Chung became curious as to which other parts of the body could be candidates for permanent make-up, and today offers services ranging from semi-permanent lip colour and under eye concealer to areola restoration for breast-cancer survivors and stretch mark camouflage.
“Once [my customers] start with eyebrows, they’ll think about eye liner, lips, or concealer. They are more open-minded once they’ve started,” Chung explains. “They realise, ‘Oh, it’s painless, it saves my time,’ and they want more. They want to wake up with make-up.”

Chung says that under-eye concealer is one of her more popular treatments. “Darkness under the eyes is a very big problem for ladies in Asia. This is the most popular treatment right now, because eyebrows you can find everywhere, with different pricing, but this one you can only find at my salon in Hong Kong. Lips are also very popular, and it’s all word of mouth. So if I do good lips I don’t even really need to advertise, the work speaks for me. It gives a healthier look, and usually we do very natural colours.”

“Perfect lips” by Chung will set a customer back HK$7,000, while masking those under-eye circles costs HK$15,000, with results lasting between five and seven years. Factors that will affect fading are similar to those for body tattoos, so sun protection is the only suggestion Chung makes for extending the life of your procedure.
Her interest in beauty technology has since taken Chung past the realm of semi-permanent make-up. Besides having launched several brands and proprietary procedures, from keratin lash lifting treatments and products, Chung also brings in hot-off-FDA-approval procedures such as EmSculpt, a highly effective fat burning muscle building machine that was approved for use by the American regulatory body last August.

The machine targets the abs and derrière, and effects the equivalent of “20,000 crunches or squats in a 30-minute treatment,” says Chung. “It’s a workout human beings can’t do. This is the machine I’ve loved the most for slimming in my whole life, and I’ve tried everything.”
“Clinical studies suggest you do a session every three days and after four sessions you can see really good results. Sixteen per cent of fat is reduced, with 19 per cent muscle gained. You can feel your core getting stronger, and if you were pregnant before or you gained a lot of weight and your muscles are kind of separated, this machine can help ‘put it together’.”
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